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Annex began in the Summer of 2013, but only recently released their ambitious dark punk debut LP, Despues de VI, on Mass Media Records in the US and on Imminent Destruction in Europe. From the Texas/Mexico border town of McAllen (or closely surrounding areas), the band fuse together a sometimes surprising assemblage of UK “positive punk” (i.e., proto-gothic rock), raw ’77 punk, and deathrock styles (deathrock of the sort that came out in the southwestern US in the early 1980s, that is). By “raw ’77 punk,” I mean the original punk bands like Penetration, X-Ray Spex, and the early version of Pink Military, bands that were female-fronted (like Annex) and that refused to conform to the expected norms of what “punk should be,” even back in those earlier days. Especially pertinent to Annex’s thoughtful sound are early 80s UK peace punk bands like Lost Cherrees, The Dead, Blood and Roses, and Rubella Ballet.

Annex’s off-kilter, postpunk-influenced-yet-still-mid-tempo punk approach features heavily on this debut LP, which follows last year’s eyebrow-raising “Nightmares” EP and subsequent short tour. Despues de VI is a collage of various punk, postpunk, and deathrock styles, all informed with the DIY punk ethos that fueled the approach of members’ earlier bands – bands that have included Bastard Sons of Apocalypse, Porkeria, and others.

Despues de VI is a galvanizing sampler of the various guitar-driven postpunk, deathrock, and anarcho-punk styles that have always informed and influenced the darker side of punk’s history, and this LP is a perfect summation of those sub-genres into one cohesive, holistic package. Highly recommended.”

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