Crawl Space – My God… What’ve I Done? LP


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“CRAWL SPACE – My God… What’ve I Done? MLP (LUNGS-226)

Ten short sharp blasts of ultra-frenetic, intense and to-the-point American hardcore punk in the vein of Negative FX, Agnostic Front, The Abused and Deathwish. They sure don’t waste time with any unessentials. What they have done is take a little more time with “My God…” since the previous tapes and 7” to expand on their sound and enrich the overall listening experience. A couple of these triumphant new epics are more than one minute in length so consider this their step up to Long Play maturity. Crawl Space has emerged from the basement and stepped into the daylight ready to stomp your ears out. This MLP is downright nasty.

500 copies on black 150gr vinyl with an etched B side housed in a 24pt jacket with insert included. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by S.E.B. and Jose Mora.”

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