Damaging Instinct Zine – The First Issue


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“First issue of this new zine from Japan devoted to d-beat, mangel, crasher crust, and associated modes of noisy hardcore punk. Damaging Instinct is written entirely in Japanese (with small amounts of English scattered throughout), so don’t expect to read this like a normal punk zine. However, even though I can’t make sense of the text (at least without a lot of effort), I’m still very stoked to get my hands on this issue. Damaging Instincthas a documentary feel, capturing the personalities and fashions associated with this scene. Besides the usual cool live shots, there are also a series of photos of subjects taken with their back toward the camera showing off their punk vests (like the one of Jacky Crust War on the front cover), which might be boring or repetitive to some, but will be fascinating to those of us who own dozens, if not hundreds, of records that others dismiss as all sounding the same. There are features on Physique, D-Takt & Råpunk Records, EEL, Mueco, tons of photos from Manic Relapse 2019, along with general punk ephemera, cool-looking collages, and plenty more. Damaging Instinct is fucking HUGE, a full-size zine that weighs in at 3-4 times the length of an average issue of Razorblades & Aspirin, for instance. It’s quite expensive and most people will balk at the price, but for those of us into this sound and style, Damaging Instinct will be a treasured item we’ll keep on our shelves forever and flip through often.” – Sorry State Records