Execution – Silently It Grows 7″


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“Sick, sick, sicko hardcore music from Melbourne miracles of the morose, Execution. Devolution at its finest, “Silently It Grows” sees Execution spinning tales of disillusion and woe woven into guttery anthems for the pantheon of punk congregational hymnbook. The whole thing sprints and unravels so quickly that you’d almost be forgiven for missing the grim skeleton that holds this EP together for the rotting flesh that invariably melts away from it with each passing moment. It does bring a sense of sadistic pleasure to announce that I believe this record’s arsenal is just as threatening played at the intended 45RPM or the delusional freak speed of 33RPM – certainly not hurt by the production, which is nuclear, to say the least, as can be expected from the long reigning noise house Hardcore Victim Records and the new mutant on the block Miracle Cortex. The record design being (in)appropriately black-and-white-cut-and-paste testament to the violent relics of human (and punk) history, serving as reinforcement for the toe-tag accompanying the EP:  Do you know nothing? Do you see nothing? Do you remember nothing? At the intended volume (read: APOCALYPTICALLY HIGH) this truly packs a megaton punch and this mess is a pleasure to wallow in. Stand or fall or slam into a wall for the psychotic anthems contained within, it’s your choice, but either way I don’t think anyone makes it out alive.”


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