Exit Stance – Saying Nothing But Speaking My Mind LP


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“Exit-Stance were one of a crop of bands whose material was released by the Mortarhate label run by Conflict in the 1980s. A single and the excellent “While Backs Are Turned” mini-LP made a significant impact on the thriving anarchist punk scene at the time but then nothing. They had material ready to record for a new LP but they split. They were one of the bands of that ilk who I felt had more to offer but it was never realised. In 2004, members of the band got back together to rehearse the songs they had never released. 2 tracks recorded in a modest little studio, sat together with 3 good quality rehearsal recordings but, again, were destined to gather dust, until Imminent Destruction tracked them down and 13 years later (31 years after the songs were first written) they are finally seeing the light of day. This will probably interest people like me who were heavily invested in that 1980s DIY anarcho-punk movement, and it’s continuing morphing global manifestations.

Death abounds. Death and destruction in war. Slaughter of animals in the name of science. We can hide from it or face it and confront it. Exit-Stance do the latter. So if you are looking for jolly pop punk and happy bouncy escapism this is not for you. The exits are clearly marked.”

Louder Than War

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