Odio – Un Mondo Libero Dall’uomo 7″


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” Debut vinyl from this new Bay Area band featuring Giacomo, the worthy skin-pounder for Sorry State favorites Torso. Odio are a little different, though… if I had to compare them to anyone I’d say that they’re doing that S.H.I.T. / Blazing Eye-type thing where they take really energetic, bouncy pogo beats and meld them with demonic-sounding, G.I.S.M.-inspired vocals and a much thicker, heavier guitar sound than, say, many of the New York pogo-type bands. I was kind of flabbergasted that they had the balls to put out a one-song (!) promo tape for this record, but fuck… this band is so good that it’s worth paying for only one song. These folks know what the fuck they’re doing and there’s literally nothing I would change about it, so if you dig the aforementioned bands and/or styles and/or you just like great, mean-sounding hardcore this one is a must-listen.”

Words from Sorry State

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