Hacker – Pick A Path LP


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“This motley mob of techno-miscreanderthals known as HACKER have just dropped a cracking 12” that leaves a mark. After bringing their share of ruckus on stage, they have laid the seven song smackdown to wax – Pick A Path is wall to wall bruising numbers that bring to mind Extortion, The Rival Mob, late 80’s NYHC et al. That crude shit that gets hearts and fists pumping. Nell shares words of will and woe and along with the band’s focus on intensity and thick rhythm it’s a killer combo that has paid off – every second pulsating with the knowledge of flowing energy and the danger that you may have to throw yourself through a [fire]wall or just clench those fists knowing that someone else is just as sick of the sick system we seem to be stuck inside of. There’s not a moment of lethargy or laziness in sight, these joints are lean and mean; well-written tunes that make your vital forces awaken and warrant picking up the needle over and over to run it back to the start. Can you hack it? Of course you fucking can! Dial in. Dial up. Never dial it down for anyone.”

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