Wound Man – Human Outline


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“People will only be pushed so far before they snap. And then violence ensues. Followed by an immediate need for solitude. ‘Human Outline’ is what that feeling sounds like. Fists packed, boots laced, ready to destroy everything in sight. Wound Man has always been a band heavily influenced by the likes of Crossed Out and Infest, that’s obvious, but what really makes them stand out is a heavy doom undercurrent that doesn’t necessarily come out in the riffs but the darkness of it is there. No rip-off shit, just tangible depression given to angry action via alternating/direct current. And that is some magnificent ugliness.

750 on black, 150 on white and 100 copies on translucent green 150gr vinyl housed in a reverse board 24pt jacket with insert and download card included. Recorded by the Meat Man. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Dean.”

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