Sowthreat – S/T 7″


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“4 track debut vinyl 7” from Japanese hardcore punks SOW THREAT.

3 absolute crashers on side A and a longer, stirring anarcho HC track ‘To Future’ on side B.

The demo was outstanding, these four new songs are exceptional.

Influenced by the likes of Doom, Shitlickers, Extreme Noise Terror, Death Dust Extractor and of course, Sore Throat, the band now have an instantly recognisable sound of their own.

They describe themselves as ‘Total Hardcore’ and I can’t argue with that.
They carry such force and a powerful rawness that you can’t fail to get sucked in by their aural assaults.

The most exciting and addictive band to emerge from Japan in years.
They have also won the admiration and respect of their peers in the Japanese Punk scene.”

Stolen from Imminent Destruction

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