The Coltranes – The Cat Of Nine Tails 7″


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“How does one describe the Coltranes? They are a band that has routinely defied categorization, making the scene scratch our collective head while curling into a half smile and making a contented “hum”. We struggled to think of what we could compare their first few LPs to. But why expend the effort? We know how the music makes us feel: freaky, dirty, deranged, cynical. We know how the music presents itself to us: unhinged, uncompromising, unpredictable, ugly.

Each of the first three LPs found the Coltranes streamlining their style, becoming less moody and more aggressive, less dynamic and more noisy, less dark and more ugly. This EP continues with this trend, being the band’s most immediate, rocking, and discordant work yet. Perhaps this is some melting pot of USHC and 90’s noise rock influences…..but I prefer to just think of it as “freak music, by freaks, for freaks”.

You may remember these songs from their 2014 tour tape, please enjoy them on a one-time pressing 7″ vinyl record.

released in 2015
500 copies over 1 pressing
out of print

When The Coltranes played their final gig in 2018, I wrote a long ass piece about them for the SPHC website, in retrospect I should have copied and pasted it here.

What really won me over about The Coltranes, even moreso than the music, was just them as people. I really have a lot of respect for them, for being a hardworking group without ego or pretense, and I think Spencer especially is a very talented artist with a great vision. We first crossed paths in 2013, when they played a few gigs with Sete Star Sept while I was driving them around, and even as a 3-piece they left an impression on me. And I’d continue to run into them on the road, because they toured a lot, and I was really struck by how they gave 110% at every gig, no matter what the city, size of crowd, where they were in the line-up. They always took their art seriously, worked hard, played from the heart, and did it all while being pretty normal ass type dudes that I can have a meaningful, friendly conversation with (and as I grow older, this dynamic becomes more and more important to me).

Well, they’re a band that I’m very very proud and pleased that I got the opportunity to work with. ”

Words by SPHC Records

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