Vaginors – Nuclear Papsmear LP


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“Hailing from Adelaide, Vaginors are undoubtedly one of the weirder punk bands to come out of Australia. To sum it up, they basically sound like your favourite 70s punk band with 10 times the fuzz and on a deadly mix of psychedelic drugs. The album starts with a sample that I’m pretty sure came straight out of Nevermind The Bollocks – quite fitting really, as the sneering vocalist sounds like an Australian Johnny Rotten, only much better (of course). As soon as the marching beat to chaotic feedback mess intro is over, this album takes off and never stops. Screeching guitars, a gritty bass tone, non-stop skank beats and the squealing vocalist all combine to make this one of the best punk albums to ever come out Australia. Do yourself a favour and give it a fucking listen.”

Fucked By Noise

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