Zyanose – Chaos Bender 12″


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“Brand new 8-song, one-sided (the b-side has a rad looking etching) 12” from these Japanese noise-punk / crasher crust legends. I know that some people think crasher crust is a genre whose parameters are so narrow that every release sounds the same. I can see where people are coming from with that opinion, but I can’t deny the power of a well-done release in this style. Further, while Zyanose aren’t as innovative as, say, D-Clone, they’re far from generic. While a solid 75% of the record consists of the explosions of maximum intensity I think of as crasher crust, Zyanose’s true artistry lies in how that 75% sits against the remaining quarter of the record. Each of these eight tracks has something to make it unique—it might be an oddly pitch-shifted vocal, an unexpected rhythm, a particularly abrasive noise texture, or a dramatic tempo change—but there’s always enough to ensure that each track is memorable and not a throwaway. Further, these moments serve as a counter-point to the blaring noise-punk, preventing that feeling of monotony it’s so easy for extreme music to drift into. So, move along if you have no interest in the style, but if you’re on board, this is an excellent record.”

From Sorry State Records

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