Zyanose – Total End Of Existence LP


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“Zyanose is winding down their time as a band, and Total End of Existence is their send-off, with 7 new tracks on the a-side, re-recordings of 6 older songs on the b-side, and beautiful packaging, including a Crass Records-style poster sleeve and obi strip. Zyanose has an imposing discography but Total End of Existence is a fitting capstone and an ear-splitter that’s worth your time whether or not you’ve followed them closely. If you aren’t familiar with Zyanose, they come from the noisiest and most aesthetically radical end of the hardcore punk spectrum. Descended from anti-music forbears like Confuse and Gai, Zyanose’s songs have no trace of melody and rarely lock into a consistent rhythm. This isn’t music to dance to; it’s music that’s meant to hold a mirror to an ugly, corrupt, and decaying world. Not that I don’t enjoy listening to it; like the best noise-punk bands (the aforementioned and my modern favorite D-Clone), Zyanose’s music is dynamic and exciting, even more so since it generates its power without ever straying into the cliches of pop or rock music. Basically, this is the gnarliest shit out there, and it feels like they’re leaving everything on the field with Total End of Existence. We hear lots of “noise not music” here at Sorry State, but this is top shelf, one of the wildest, most radical slabs of wax I’ve heard in recent memory.” – Sorry State Records

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