Swab – Big City LP


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“You’re looking down the barrel at a barrage of quick, sharp hardcore PUNK hits in the vein of Jerry’s Kids & Gang Green, filled with sarcasm and snappy drum fills. This type of music is infectious partly because between the bursts of noise you’ll hear fantastic little riffs and partly because it moves so fast that you have to just give yourself over or be left in the dust. Besides being the brattiest singer around, a hyperactive ball of energy who sometimes is more Tazmanian Devil than person, Pap also brings a realness with her dummy spat words. Exasperation and desperation is the name of the game, and sometimes winning means gleefully turning yourself into a goddamned fist. It’s also rare these days to hear a punk record where the bass playing is just as frantic as the drums but here it’s proper manic. And you have to love an album that kicks off with a guitar solo, blistering its way to your poor little eardrums. In fact, I think it’s the only one on the whole record. Yes. Their name is SWAB. S-W-A-B. So you’d better listen up, punk.” – Lulu’s

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