Punter – Demo CS


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“The influences can broad at times…I wanted the band to have the rhythmic qualities and aggression of the kind of hardcore that SCAB EATER (Ed: Another Melbourne punk band the guitarist plays in that is currently on hiatus) play, but applied to the sounds of late 70s UK punk. That’s everything from MENACE to THE JAM, EDDIE AND THE HOTRODS plus all the obvious stuff…the hardcore sounds found in there I guess could be linked back to more stompy stuff like current US east coast hardcore bands…other more minor influences include 80s UK bands like EXTERNAL MENACE and THE BLOOD, plus classics like MOTORHEAD and ACDC…
It’s stompy hardcore with cleaner guitars and catchy melodies, but retaining the same aggression (as Scab Eater), like a heavier approach to classic UK punk…
Punter is like a hardcore band disguised as a rock band. The idea is to play everything as hard as possible, to make things sound tough and rude even when they would normally be powerpop riffs or whatever…”

– “Ash Wednesday” – Guitar, lead vocals.

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