Take That Vile Fiend – Surplus Flesh


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“TAKE THAT VILE FIEND is back and offering up a delectable platter of crusty ‘n’ gross gore, core and more with the 2nd full length album “SURPLUS FLESH”.

Over 30 minutes of fist pumpin’, head smashin’, spontaneous blast expulsions scraped from the arse-crack of humanity and gifted to bio-hazardous cretins like you. “SURPLUS FLESH” dishes out dastardly dollops of furious drum slops, searing riff filth, frustrating samples and puke soaked vocal trash for lovers of all things disgusting and vile. A sonic feast for deranged dickheads, sick freaks and fans of less throwaway grind/gore garbage such as Regurgitate, Last Days of Humanity, Autophagia and Warsore.

Your ears will ache, your eyes will burn and your meat jacket will be torn asunder from your wimpish limbs in a cavalcade of cacophonous agony should you dare subject yourself to the horror that is “SURPLUS FLESH”.”

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